Welcome to TIMBRE Winery

Timbre is the “color” of musical sound. It’s how two voices express their individuality, even when singing the same note. When you hear Robert Plant, Amy Winehouse, or Nina Simone, you know who is singing, even if it’s a song you’ve never heard before. What makes a voice unique and recognizable is TIMBRE.


We source fruit from some of the best vineyards in Santa Barbara County and across the Central Coast, but we don’t own any of those vineyards, so what differentiates our wines from others sourced from the same vineyard sites? There are many factors, from picking decisions to fermentation, oak, when to rack, when to bottle as well as intangible, indescribable elements. The concept is that those intangibles have a big impact and, collectively, they make up the TIMBRE of our wines.


As a terroir-driven winery, we strive to make wines that are expressive of the places and times from which they came, but inevitably, as winemakers, we are channeling these vineyard sites through our own experiences and adding our own mark, our TIMBRE, on the resulting wines.

Joshua Klapper & Alex Katz

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