Our Wines

2011 Presquile Pinot

La Fenêtre

It has been said that art is the window to a person’s soul, and La Fenêtre (The Window) is our flagship, created in 2005 as a platform to express our vision of Santa Barbara County’s unique terroir, particularly through the varietals of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In order to showcase the varied and incredible terroir of Santa Barbara County as authentically as possible, most of the wines bottled under this label are single-vineyard designated.  This level of focus allows us purely express a specific place and time in each bottling. Balanced with richness, freshness, deliciousness, and complexity we use only minimally invasive techniques to bring these gems to your table.


2013 A Cote Rose

La Fenêtre À Côté

À Côté was first conceived in 2007 as an extension of the La Fenêtre brand.  The ethos of making terroir-driven wines remains the same, while the location is broadened beyond Santa Barbara County to the varied cool-climate vineyards of the Central Coast of California as a whole. We have a secondary mission with À Côté though, and that is to produce great wines that you never have to think twice about opening.  To have balanced, seamless, beautiful wines every day is something that has eluded most people in history, but we are in a golden age of winemaking, and the possibilities are endless. À Côté is made in small lots, using traditional methods, few ingredients, and very little technology. Great fruit, great minimally invasive winemaking, great wines, and small production at a price where you can enjoy them shamelessly.


2012 Riesling

Dr. Klapper

Every wine we make has a story and follows a tradition in winemaking that transcends fads and trends. Dr. Klapper is a Riesling that is made in a classic German style. As a fan of great old-world Riesling, my homage to the great ‘Doktor’ winemakers is this slightly off-dry wine with palate cleansing acidity.  German technique means many visits to this tank during the long, slow, cold fermentation. (Read why and how the wine is named Dr. Klapper here.)


2009 Tete Brulee

Tête Brûlée

Cabernet Sauvignon is the undisputed king of red grape varieties, and Tête Brûlée is a unique expression of the variety in the Napa Valley.  A tête brûlée is a hot-head, one who does not conform, and that is the inspiration we channel with this wine. A great wine has multiple personalities and this wine is no different. The place it expresses is Napa Valley which is majestic, beautiful, and profound with its impressive roster of wines produced, storied vintages, and amazing history of talent. The personality of this wine tells a story that is not necessarily the story that many have come to expect from Napa. Rather than an incredibly ripe, rich, opulent wine, Tête Brûlée hearkens back to the days when the Napa Cabernet put California on the map as a major player in world wine production. It is Cabernet grown in the right place, given the right encouragement, aged for a very long time, and then bottled as a balanced wine without the use invasive techniques. It is, in itself, a perfect representation of this place, but with a small amount of protest at where this place is heading.