What We Do

La Fenêtre was founded in 2005 by a sommelier with a simple idea — to produce balanced, food friendly wines from some of the worlds finest vineyard sources. Expressing the terroir of the Santa Maria Valley, and the Central Coast at large is our guiding principle. That means picking at the perfect balance of sugar and acidity, employing minimally invasive techniques in the winery, stringent barrel selection, and a long, slow aging period, both in barrel and bottle.


Our winemaking philosophy is simple:

• Develop relationships with the most outstanding vineyards in Santa Barbara County and beyond;
• Pick our grapes at the perfect balance of natural acidity, potential alcohol, and flavor development;
• Let the fruit express its sense of place and time in the cellar by using as minimally-invasive winemaking techniques as possible;
• Always be our own harshest critics.